Mountain Man Trader

Fishing Boat LED Lamp

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Mountain Man Traders LED Green Light. The Magic Color, Have Never Seen When Fish Would Not Come To A Green Light, All Sizes And Especially In Saltwater, Either Above The Water Or Under The Water Will Work But Under The Water is The Best. The Light Is 12V LED Producing 1080 Lumens And Waterproof. Hook The Other 2 Ends To A DC Battery, Make Sure The Red Is On The Red Positive Battery Terminal. This Lamp Runs 8 Times Longer Than Halogen. Light Colors: White, Blue And Green .

Product Details:

  • 360 Degree > 5 Sided LED Light
  • Hours > Over 1000,000
  • Water > Salt, Fresh
  • Power Cord > 5M Heavy Duty Cord
  • Brightness > 1080 Lumens
  • Design > Waterproof