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Inflatable Sofa Sleep Lounger

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Mountain Man Traders Air Inflatable Sofa.Can Be A Bed Or Sleep Nylon Lounger. Design As An Ideal Couch For Camping, Each, Outdoors Or A Mulititude Of Other Uses. It's Unbelieveable How Many Ways These Air Inflatable Are Being Used And Any Season Of The Year. They Are Very Easy To Inflate By Filling The Bag Full Of Air And Rolling Up And Tucking Under One End. When You Are Finish Using It, Just Let The Air Out, Place In The Very Small Bag And Head Out. Some Will Repack So Small You Can Out Them In Your Pocket. One Of The Greatest Ideas To Hit The Market In Many Years. Try One, You Will Love It.
Product #SLL126701

Product Details:

  • Material > Nylon
  • Activity > Outdoor, Camping and Beach
  • Season > All
  • Function > Waterproof and Compact
  • Colors > Black, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Camo and Others


  • Dim. > 255 x 70cm
  • Weight > 1.22kg
  • Max Load > 200kg


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