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Double Size Sleeping Bag With Pillows

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Mountain Man Traders Double Sleeping Bag, Is Large Enough For Two People. It Has Two Pillows And A Inflator Pump. The Lining Of The Sleeping Bag Is A Fleece Lining And 100% Cotton Filling. You Can Use It In The Winter, Fall, Spring. It's Light Weight, Moistureproof, And Double Two Way Zipper For More Breathable. A must Item To Have To Make Your Camping Or Hiking While Sitting Or Sleeping Around That Campfire.

 Product #SBL439303


Product Details:

  • Double Size Bag
  • Cotton Filled
  • Material / Polyester
  • Net Weight 2.4 (kg)
  • Dust Proof
  • Windproof
  • Bag Size 41cm x 28cm
  • Temp Limit 0* C
  • Rating Temp +5*C - +15*C
  • Length 180cm x 30cm
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