Mountain Man Trader

General Purpose DC12V/AC230V Air Pump

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Mountain Man Traders Has A Air Pump Designed For U.S. Service. Comes With A  AC110 Volts For Inside Pump Use And DC 12 Volt For Remote Service. As A Car Plug-In To Lighter Port And Includes 3 Size Nozzles For Multi-Purpose Fittings. This Small Air Pump Works Great For Inflating Boats, Air Beds, Mattress, Toys, Balls, Sports Equipment, Festival Items, Pool Items, Beach Toys And More.  Produces 50W, Dimensions Are 12X10X8cm, Needs 5 Mins. Rest Every 10 MIN Of Use. Includes A Pump, Plug For AC And One For Car Plug As Well As 3 Different Size Of Nozzles. Very Lightweight To Carry.

Product #ACA797123

  • Dimensions > 5 x 4.7 x 4 Inches
  • Powered > DC12V / AC110V
  • Electric Air Pump > One
  • Nozzles > 3
  • Manual > One