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Comfortable Sofa Sleep Lounger

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Mountain Man Traders Air Inflatable Sofa Sleeper. A Great  Lounger With Foot Stool, How Comfortable Is That? Now It Becomes Part Of Your Home Furniture. Try This Out At Sunday Or Monday Night Football. You Can Read A While And Sleep A While If The Kids Are Quite .It Inflates The Same, Pull Several Times To Fill The Chair Full Of Air, Then Roll Up The Opening Roll Tight And Tuck It Under. It's That Easy, Give It A Try.
Product # SLL104504

Product Details:

  • Activity > Indoor or Outdoor

  • Function > Foldable Flocked PVC

  • Structure > No Zipper or Velcro Just Air  

  • Seasons > All Seasons


  • Weight > 3.5kg
  • Size > 158cm
  • Thickness > 2.2cm
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