Mountain Man Trader

Night Vision Monocular 5-8 x 40mm

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Mountain Man Traders 5-8 x 40mm Monocular. Featuring A 5x Optical Zoom And Up To 8x Digital Zoom To Enhance Your Vision. Green Imaging, Clear Picture. Case Included As Well As 5v DV And USB. 2.0 Plug In And 110w Charger, Infared Auxiliary Lights For Enhance Vision At Night.Does Not Include A Tripod Mount. A Strap, Case, Battery Are Included.
Product #BNL846607

Product Details:

  • Structures > Night Vision Goggles
  • Battery > Lithium Battery
  • Material > Metal, Rubber
  • Eye Relief > 10mm
  • Objective Lens > 40mm
  • Field Of View > 5* X 3.75
  • Optical System > Lenses
  • Coated > Fully
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