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Portable Water Purifier &Filter

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Mountain Man Traders Portable Water Filter And Purifier. For Outdoor Exercise, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Easy To Carry. Has High Precision Hydrophilic Ultra Filtration Membrane, Carbon Filter Layer, Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter Layer, Poly Iodine Sterilization And Pre-filtration System. Prevents Salmonella, Giardra, Cholera and Diarrhea. I'm A Witness, You Can Drink Straight From Creek With No Worry Or Put Water In Pop Bottle. Just Screw On The Filter And Drink Clean Safe Water From The Other End Of The Filter, Out Of Bottle. Make Sure You Are Pulling Water Through The Filter.
Product #ACA717612

Product Details:

  • Material > Silica Gel, Carbon Fiber
  • Weight >0.076